Super Double - Yakamoz

Product Code: N2860 + N2720

Yakamoz Bucket Set - 7 Li
Hook with hook for easy holding

Not suitable for washing in the dishwasher

Ergonomically shaped, quality stainless steel handle

Color part Heat resistant soft touch

Does not scratch non-stick coated pans and pans




Stainless steel and soft touch


1 piece pasta scoop 34 cm

1 serving spoon 34 cm

1 Slotted ladle 34,5 cm

1 spatula 34,5 cm

1 piece bucket 32 ​​cm

1 brush 25 cm

1 stand 40 cm

Long-term heat storage

Granite: Extremely robust and long-lasting

Even heat distribution to the edge

Cups do not heat up and provide a comfortable grip.

Stylish glass lid provides vision during cooking.

· "Cooking pots are essential ingredients for endless creativity in every kitchen. Thanks to their high-quality soft touch handles, they can stand for hours, and even the toughest meat is soft.

Pretty long lasting

The pot is durable and is one of the long-lasting kitchenware with proper care. It retains heat for a long time and distributes it evenly to the top edge. ''

Yakamoz Granite Set - 7 Pieces

Outer surface dark blue

Inner surface dark blue


Inner surface, granite

Outer surface, granite

Cover, glass

Handles, gold


1 piece 20 cm deep pot + glass lid

1 piece 24 cm deep pot + glass lid

1 Piece 26 cm cauliflower pot + glass lid

1 Piece 26 cm pan

Warning: Not suitable for induction hob types.

Important: Shipping problems (broken) will be supplied by Neva.

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