Super Double - Grizay

Product Code: N2754 + N2758

Grizay 5 Kitchen Set
Non-slip Softtouch surface

Suitable for left and right hand use

Shell peeler, movable, double-sided sharpened with blade steel blade

Ice cream scoop, Specially shaped steel trough collects ice cream - does not flow out of the handle

Ideal for grater, ginger, garlic and radish

· With a practical kitchen helper like 18/10 stainless steel garlic crusher, crushing garlic will be child's work.

Can be washed in the dishwasher




Knife hardened knife steel


1 grater 24 cm

1 ice cream scoop 19 cm

1 shell peeler 17 cm

1 piece of garlic crushers 18 cm

1 Multi-opener 18 cm

Grizay Cylinder 6 Pcs Knife Set

Ice-hardened blade set for extra long blade life and corrosion resistance

Special stainless steel

Classic three riveted design

A knife suitable for any purpose: Paring knife, fruit and vegetable knife and multi-purpose knife, bread knife, chef knife, chopping knife

Specially designed stand

Externally controlled by competent institutes for harmful substances

With the set, you will have a knife suitable for every purpose. The paring knife is ideal for small, round vegetables such as potatoes. The chopping knife cuts soft-core and hard-shell foods such as vegetables and fruits, tomatoes. The straight-edged multi-purpose knife is perfect for cleaning and preparing vegetables, greens and mushrooms.

· Cut foods are easily separated from food. It is also easy to clean. Honeycomb knife set has an impressive appearance with its special design stand.

Comfortable handle for best use

Low weight for fatigue-free working

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