Magnificent Triple - Menthol

Product Code: N2770 + N2771 + N2772

Menthol Fry Pot
22 cm frying pan

Can be washed in the dishwasher

Ideal for frying and cooking large meats, fish, or whole chicken

Low-fat healthy frying

Suitable for all furnaces and heat sources except induction.

Bring Mediterranean flavors to your kitchen. It is made of high quality enamel without adhesive.

Handles stainless steel

Bright stainless steel deep fryer basket

Steam perforated glass lid




Cookware, Enamel

Cover, glass

Handles, steel


Width, 24 cm

Depth, 12 cm

Menthol 3 Pcs Enamel Storage Container
3 different sizes

Can be stored in the kitchen and refrigerator without taking up space

· It opens and closes easily thanks to its vacuum lid and keeps food fresh for the longest time by preventing spoilage of food.

To preserve, heat, freeze and transport food

· The odors of the products you put in your closet will not mix and will be kept in a healthy way.

· Its Interlocking Structure Provides Maximum Space And Space Saving When You Are Not Using It As Well As A Regular Appearance.

Transparent cap: Shows content

Can be washed in the dishwasher


Quality plastic



1 piece 14cm Storage Container,

1 piece 16 cm Storage Container,

1 Piece 18cm Storage Container

Warning: Caution Can only be heated in the microwave; not suitable for cooking!

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