25 Pcs Sweet Kitchen Set Pink

Product Code: N2533

The kitchen is one of the most comfortable places for most of us if you do not run under stress while cooking. If you want to get the best results in the kitchen both pleasantly and comfortably and save time at the same time, our colorful set that we compiled about auxiliary small kitchen utensils for you.

Regular maintenance and cleaning is essential for your kitchenware to be free from bacteria and long-lasting. Aggressive cleaning detergents can damage sensitive surfaces, the surfaces become dull and lose their shine. It is also useful to stay away from hard cleaning cloths and brushes. Take care to wash the removable parts with warm water and sensitive detergents.





Stainless steel



Sweet maxi set of 4 jars
Each of the jars Approximately 1400 ml, 1100 ml, 840 ml, 550 ml

Sweet maxi set of 6 spices
spice spoons each about 130 ml + stand 19 * 18 cm

Sweet 7 Piece Bucket set

1 piece pasta scoop 34 cm

1 serving spoon 34 cm

1 Slotted ladle 34,5 cm

1 spatula 34,5 cm

1 piece bucket 32 ​​cm

1 brush 25 cm

1 stand 40 cm

Sweet Bamboo Kitchen Set
Cutting board about 40 * 26 cm

Cutting board is about 32 * 20 cm

The thickness of each 2 cm

Spatula 33 * 6 cm

Service spoon 33 * 6 cm

Slotted serving spoon 33 * 6cm

Sweet bread set
1 Piece of bread 38 * 20 cm

1 Cup of 35 cm

1 piece towel holder 35 cm

1 x trivet 22 * ​​22 cm

Warning: It is not suitable to wash metal parts of jars and spice bottles. The glass can be washed in the dishwasher.

Important: Shipping problems (broken) will be supplied by Neva.

Shipment date: 1- 3 business days

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